AltoCFO, formerly known as Crown Advisory Group, was founded in 2016 by Denny Kon with the vision of providing fractional CFO and accounting solutions to businesses that couldn’t afford to hire a full-time CFO. Recognizing the challenges many accounting departments faced in producing accurate financial reporting, he aimed to bridge the gap and positively impact business leaders, strategies, and profitability.

In 2018, Sean Nguyen joined Denny, bringing with him a shared passion for helping small to midsize companies succeed. Together, they leveraged their decades of experience and collaboration to develop AltoCFO’s platform which streamlined the delivery of their business accounting subscription services. As part of this evolution, the brand was rebranded as AltoCFO to emphasize its focus on Fractional CFO advisory services.

Today, AltoCFO boasts a team of Fractional CFOs, Advisors, and accountants dedicated to providing CEOs and business owners timely and accurate financial results. With a commitment to delivering value and enabling informed decision-making, AltoCFO continues to support companies in achieving their financial goals, enhance profitability and operational excellence.

AltoCFO’s mission encapsulates the essence of its value proposition. By freeing successful business owners from the burdensome tasks of financial management and accounting, AltoCFO allows them to focus on their core competencies and areas of expertise. Through their cost-effective advisory technology platform, AltoCFO not only provides practical solutions but also ensures that clients receive personalized attention and support.

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AltoCFO’s journey from humble beginnings to rapid growth and widespread success is a testament to its effectiveness in helping companies across various industries achieve scalability, growth, and profitability. By providing expert CFO expertise and outsourced accounting solutions, AltoCFO has not only supported businesses in realizing their full potential but has also facilitated successful exits for many.

Your AltoCFO Crown journey begins now! We’re looking forward to getting to know you and sharing this exceptional opportunity with you.

From our humble beginnings, we have grown rapidly helping numerous companies in many industries to scale, grow, become extremely profitable and eventually exit. In fact, we have been so successful that in the next phase of our growth, we are expanding our reach to benefit companies nationwide with our CFO expertise and outsourced accounting platform through our offerings. AltoCFO is relentlessly focused to be the new leader in trusted CFO business advisory services.

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