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AltoCFO is our new brand, dedicated to providing the same great fractional CFO and financial advisory services to businesses nationwide alongside our franchisees. Read:

California – AltoCFO, a fractional CFO franchise advisory and accounting service provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its franchise services nationwide.

In response to the on-going need for outsourced fractional CFO services across the United States, AltoCFO aims to deliver expertise and excellent service to assist companies of all sizes and across sectors. AltoCFO is a subscription-based CFO model that delivers the right expertise at the right time to allow business owners to focus on their core competencies and do what they love.

“We are excited to launch our franchise and brand nationwide, and to welcome new franchise owners into the AltoCFO family”, said Denny Kon, CEO and co-founder of AltoCFO. “We seek to provide dedicated support to our franchisees to help them operate the best businesses possible. In turn, we will transform our clients’ own businesses to make them stronger, smarter, and empowered to meet the challenges of our time by delivering exceptional services to businesses of all sizes and across sectors,” continued Mr. Kon.

AltoCFO boasts unparalleled expertise in the fractional CFO space, and offers businesses a trusted finance and accounting partner that will support their success from the ground up. As a subscription-based model, AltoCFO delivers cost-effective services that empower clients with minimal overhead or HR load, allow for agile operations, and grant financial expertise on-demand.

To learn more about AltoCFO and its services or for more information on becoming an AltoCFO franchisee, please visit